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Minneapolis Move & Little Women at Artistry

This past year was a year of many new and exciting opportunities. Brad and I will have moved three times once this year come to a close. Transitions are always a bit challenging and having to go through multiple in a short period of time adds another level to the challenge. We first moved out of Astoria, Queens where we had spent two really great years with our roomates. I really felt an attachment to that apartment not only because it had been one of the longest stints in an apartment and neighborhood which I loved, but also because we spent all of quarantine there. Something about being locked inside for months on end, really gave me an attachment to that home. Alas, Brad and I knew we were meant to start making our move away from New York City and so the journey began.

We moved in with his parents in Staten Island, NY for what we thought would be a short time. Because of work offers being delayed here in Minneapolis, we ended up staying in Staten Island, NY for about four months. It was a long time to live in a transition, but I am so grateful for the time spent with Brad's parents. It gave me a wonderful opportunity to get closer with them, and I think having a long transition out of New York City was good for me. I have a strange attachment to that city and I knew that leaving would be difficult for me. A piece of my heart will always be there, but once we finally made the move on July 2nd I was very eager to be in my home state of Minnesota.

Being back in Minnesota has been a wonderful decision for both Brad and I. We both feel grounded and excited to plant deep roots here. Getting adjusted to the area and finding work had its ups and downs of course, but we are slowly but surely finding our footing and making Minneapolis our home.

Being an actor in a new community can feel daunting, but I had to continue to put myself out there and hope for the best. There can be times as a performer where you go months and even years without work, but God always has a way of blessing me with work at just the right times. After being here for about three months, I received a phone call from Artistry Theatre asking if I would be interested in being an external understudy for Little Women. It has been wonderful getting to work in theatre again after such a long hiatus. The creative team and staff at Artistry are absolutely delightful and have been so welcoming. Diving into the task of memorizing four characters in the show was a lot of work, but very enjoyable for me. We are currently about to open the show and I am lucky enough to get the chance to help out and cover a character for a few performances. It has been a mad rush, but a thrilling one! Come see the show this weekend if you can! The cast is stellar! I am just over the moon to be back in my element and to be in a theatre surrounded by artists who all share the same goal, to tell a wonderful story through live theatre!

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