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Farewell to Jersey Boys at CDT

Getting the opportunity to share the music of the Four Seasons and to tell their story to audiences has been such a joy. Playing Bob Gaudio truly was a dream come true. It seems unreal that we started rehearsals for this show in May 2023 and after 9 months of 8 show weeks, it all comes to a close.

This past year has been such a wild ride and I've been so lucky to have shared it with my Jersey Boys family and with the incredible audiences that came out to see the show time and time again. Getting to know the guests, especially those that came to see the show multiple times (some even saw the show more than 5 times!), was a big highlight for me. Theatre has such power to connect us, uplift us, and help us escape the day to day. I am so grateful for what live theatre has done for me and what it does for our community as a whole. There's truly nothing like it.

As I close this chapter of my life, I realize that I've learned a lot and I've evolved as a person. I've grown as an artist and a human, and I've solidified lifelong friendships. I also found a deeper love for myself, realized the power of my own mind, and learned how to get out of my own way. It's been awhile since I've been this sad to say goodbye to a role and a show, but it feels right. Thank you to the other Jersey Boys, to my Bradley for being the best life coach/husband/superfan a guy could ask for, and to the people who showed up to see us over the past 9 months. I'll miss this one a lot! So long Bobby G!

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