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Bira 91 | Make Play Commercial

Since settling back into the city after cruise ships last year, I have been trying to dabble in other art forms. There are so many things that catch my interest in this business. For me, the most difficult part is finding and navigating the first few steps in the direction of that art form when it may be a little foreign to me. Musical theatre was my first love and where I got my start, but the amazing thing about the business of an actor is that you never stop learning and adapting. There is so much I do not know still, but I am just happy to be taking those steps in some new directions like I did with the Bira 91 Commercial. I had the incredible opportunity of doing my first commercial through Mill+. I was very lucky to have been a part of it and to work with the Mill+ team. I learned a lot, met some wonderful artists, and I absorbed every minute of it. Check out the full commercial by clicking on the image!

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