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Mamma Mia! at Merry-Go-Round Playhouse

Every now and then you do a show that brings a lot of wonderful blessings into your life. Mamma Mia was one of those shows. What I assumed would be an entertaining contract with a light and enjoyable show, turned into something much more fulfilling. The entire creative team came together to create a musical that was real and honest, two things that a lot of art strives to be, but just doesn't always get there. I met wonderful new friends and made lifelong connections. What really made this experience extra special though was the spark I found in live theatre again. It had been a few years since I had done a full musical, so every night when I walked on stage, it felt like I was home. Every night we walked onto that stage and told twenty-six stories that were real and vulnerable. It's the culmination of these stories, the lighting, the set, the world that was built for us, and of course the beautiful orchestrations and staging that brought this Grecian story of self-discovery to another level. I feel inspired and fulfilled from this one. I am really going to miss playing on the island with my Merry-Go-Round family.

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